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HobRes32 2.7
CatchColor 1.0.9
OpenGL Infos 1.13
Explorer Patch (256 colors TrayIcons)
HobComment Explorer Extension
HobComment XP Shell Extension
Mouse Jail
Who Lock Me ? 2.0
ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plug'In
GoTo Shared v1.0
SVNSync v1.4
SVNSync Explorer Extension v1.0.2
Hob New Project Wizard v1.0
WinCRC v1.2
FolderContextMenuEx v1.0
LockComputerOnBoot v1.1
SimpleShot v1.0
NetClipboard v1.0 (NEW)

Kings and Things

Small Font 6x10 for LCD Monitor

Spirops IA Toolkit
Spirops Crowd Toolkit




HobRes32: (Choose your Multi-monitors resolutions)
CatchColor: Display Hexa-value of A Pixel from your Mouse position
OpenGLInfos: Display OpenGL Infos and Test a tiny scene
Windows Patch
You can now use 256 colors icon in your TrayBar
HobComment: Add/Edit comment for each of your directories
HobComment XP: Add a column displaying the file/folder comments in Explorer
MouseJail: Capture the mouse in the game
WhoLockMe: List process locking in file
LockWindows: Lock your Windows in one click
ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plugin: Controls BSPLayer with your ATI Wonder Remote.
GoTo Shared: Display your Shared Folders and Open it when you Double Click on it.
SVN Sync: Extract
SVNSync Front-End for Explorer.
Visual Studio 6.0 Addin
Replacement for Visual Studio 6 'New Project...' Wizard.
Computes a Crc32 from a string and push the result into the ClipBoard.
Explorer Extension : Displays Folder Context Menu Items into Background Context Menu.
LockComputerOnBoot: Lock your Computer Just After Boot
SimpleShot: Captures Entire screen, or active window to Disk.
NetClipboard: Send/Receive Clipboard Content over local network.

HobRes32: (Choose your Multi-monitors resolutions)

HobRes32 release 2 beta 7

To download this freeware

Dr. Hoiby is the author of this little tool.
All Dr. Hoiby's Freewares are certified without Java, without .NET and without any Virtual Machine Code.
He can be reached at

What is the difference between HobRes32 and QuickRes ?

It's a 32bit software (QuickRes is 16bit) and it can control a multi-monitor or portrait-monitor system.

This freeware is a beta version.


Information and links concerning decoration of your desktop : VIRTUAL PLASTIC

Dr Hoiby. -- December 3th, 2000 --

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Artclies like this make life so much simpler.
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