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HobRes32 2.8.2 (NEW)
CatchColor 1.0.11 (NEW)
OpenGL Infos 1.13
Explorer Patch (256 colors TrayIcons)
HobComment Explorer Extension
HobComment XP Shell Extension
Mouse Jail
Who Lock Me ? 2.0
ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plug'In
GoTo Shared v1.0
SVNSync v1.4
SVNSync Explorer Extension v1.0.2
Hob New Project Wizard v1.0
WinCRC v1.2
FolderContextMenuEx v1.0
LockComputerOnBoot v1.1
SimpleShot v1.0
NetClipboard v1.0
NoWinKey v1.0.2 (NEW)
ClipboardCleaner v1.0.0 (NEW)

Kings and Things

Small Font 6x10 for LCD Monitor

Spirops IA Toolkit
Spirops Crowd Toolkit




HobRes32: (Choose your Multi-monitors resolutions)
CatchColor: Display Hexa-value of A Pixel from your Mouse position
OpenGLInfos: Display OpenGL Infos and Test a tiny scene
Windows Patch
You can now use 256 colors icon in your TrayBar
HobComment: Add/Edit comment for each of your directories
HobComment XP: Add a column displaying the file/folder comments in Explorer
MouseJail: Capture the mouse in the game
WhoLockMe: List process locking in file
LockWindows: Lock your Windows in one click
ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plugin: Controls BSPLayer with your ATI Wonder Remote.
GoTo Shared: Display your Shared Folders and Open it when you Double Click on it.
SVN Sync: Extract
SVNSync Front-End for Explorer.
Visual Studio 6.0 Addin
Replacement for Visual Studio 6 'New Project...' Wizard.
Computes a Crc32 from a string and push the result into the ClipBoard.
Explorer Extension : Displays Folder Context Menu Items into Background Context Menu.
LockComputerOnBoot: Lock your Computer Just After Boot
SimpleShot: Captures Entire screen, or active window to Disk.
NetClipboard: Send/Receive Clipboard Content over local network.
NoWinKey: Prevents the start menu from being opened when the Win Key is pressed.
ClipboardCleaner: Remove clipboard content's text formatting.

HobComment XP: Add a column displaying the file/folder comments in Explorer

HobComment XP Shell Extension v1.8 beta

To download this freeware

Dr. Hoiby is the author of this little tool.
All Dr. Hoiby's Freewares are certified without Java, without .NET and without any Virtual Machine Code.
He can be reached at

What is HobComment XP Shell Extension ?

It's a little extension for your Microsoft Explorer. It permits you to add a new column displaying the comments for each one of your files and directories. (This feature is already contained in Windows 2000 but not in Windows XP anymore).

You can now change the column title in editing this registry key :

If you use a non NTFS disk or if you want to version your comments you can now edit your Desktop.ini, add a [.Descriptions] section and add a line filename=comment.

Infotip=Comment for this directory

hello.doc=Comment for the hello.doc file

This freeware is a beta version.

Dr Hoiby. -- January 12th, 2008 --

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Title: please give exact registry. [2008-06-06]
I istalled you wonderful tool but am unable to add column.
may be i am not putting correct registry entry.
please help. thanks in advance.
Devesh raj
You don't have this line in you column editor ?
Title: How do I get data in there [2008-08-05]
OK I have a column - now how do I enter comments for say a Folder, or a .reg file
You have to install "HobComment Explorer Extension" to edit them.[2009-02-04]
Title: i am habib [2008-08-13]
is it very working thing and also very fine?
Yes, it's fine, and great :)[2009-02-04]
Title: Column comments does not work [2008-10-21]
Comments show only in tooltip not in column. Does not work on files nor folders. (XP SP3)
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Title: Xp Sp3 The comment does appear in the appropriate column in WinExplorer [2009-01-28]
It works properly only for files, but not for folders.
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Title: On Windows 2000 [2009-02-16]
Can see "Comment" field working on some folders and files (even shortcuts I've added)but haven't found a way to add or edit any others. Any thoughts? Thanks DWeir1@comcast.net
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Title: comments to folders [2009-04-06]
this is great, thank you so much for your work.
I noticed this does not work for folders, only for files...
any way around it?
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Title: Think twice before changing the column name! [2009-04-19]
I just installed both dlls (commentExt + hobcomment) - and it works nicely on XP SP3. Thank you very much.
One thing though: Changing the column name (like outlined above) with the ColumnTitle key does not work for directories - they always default to File/Folder Comments.
Since it works differently for Folders, I am not surprised -
but, if you cannot make the 2 uniform, it's not helpful to rename the column.
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Title: Windows vista [2009-07-17]
I am really keen to find a utility that will make it easy for me to add notes/comments to files and folders in Vista. Will your Hobcomment software work with Vista, please?

Kind regards

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Title: XP x64 version? [2009-10-30]
Great idea Dr Hoiby!
I'll second the request for a 64 bit version.
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Title: Windows 7 64bit [2010-02-05]
I can add a "comments" column in the folder view of the file list but cannot find how to add a comment into this column for a file. In XP Pro this was standart.
Could your tool help me do this in win7?
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Title: 2 Columns [2010-06-03]
Is there a way to add 2 columns instead of 1?
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Title: Help.. comment box won't disappear [2010-08-08]
Hello.. I've loaded both files for my XP system 2002 version running SP3. I click ...Add Comment against a file and a box appears in the middle of the screen and I type in a comment. The whole screen freezes except for the comment box which I can't clear by clicking anywhere else. The only way I can get rid of the box is to delete the comment and hit the Esc key.
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Title: where do I find the "Desktop.ini" file ? [2011-09-17]
where do I find the "Desktop.ini" file ?
I am using FAT32 for one of my drive.
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Title: drive comments [2012-05-22]
how do i put comments on drives! so that they show up in "My Computer" listings....
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Title: 64 Bit Hob Comment [2012-06-16]
Hey people did you try running HOB Comment in Compatibility mode for x64 Window's Versions?
Les -
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Title: Comments for Drives in MyComputer (DetailsView) [2012-12-16]
On the root of the drive (eg C: Drive) create a file 'desktop.ini' with content:
--- snip ---
--- snap ---

and give it Attributes HS
eg. on CommandLine: attrib +H +S C:\destop.ini
or attrib +H +S \desktop.ini (when anywhere on C:)
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Title: not seeing ...Add File/Folder Comments with right click [2013-01-03]
The ...Add File/Folder Comments option does not show when right clicking on a file or folder...It used to work but not it doesn't.... I'm using XP sp2 and an antivirus program
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Title: Not showing in column, only on hover: SOLVED [2013-05-03]
This is not listed clearly in any instruction but is vital. I was only seeing comments on hover. The problem is I added the "Comments" option to my explorer window instead of the "Files/Folders Comments". Right click the grey bar where you see listing for Folder name and select ...more at the bottom of the drop down menu. When the window opens up carefully scroll down until you see "Files/Folders Comments" and select that. BOOM! Thank you Dr Holby. You are a diamond. John progresslanguage@gmail.com
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Title: Can't see comment column [2014-02-28]
OK I Found the reg key (I didn't realize you had abbreviated it and decided to change the title to Hobs Comment because for some reason I couldn't fine File/Folder comment when I right clicked on the column bar selected more and slowly scrolled through the list it was not there but still it's not there, I did a restart encase that was needed but still not in the list I even checked right to the end even though it is in alphabetical order. So it's in my reg as hobs comments but not showing in the column selection even when I click "more", why?. ps using Windows 7
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Title: Not working on WIndows 7 [2014-06-18]
Hi guys. This doesn't work on Windows 7. Windows still lacking in useful features. Is there an update or is this site stale now?
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Title: Yes! It does work on Windows 7 Ultimate, 32bit (X86) [2015-08-28]
Comments can be viewed by adding "Comments" column to folder 'Details" view. On both DLL files you have to right click and 'Run as Administrator' and reboot or kill explorer.exe in task manager and run it again. The only thing I can;t yet figure out is the registry location of the CLSID to change the column name, 'Comments'. It's not the same as in XP. At least it works in Windows 7.
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Title: Install Successfully , Very Useful software [2017-04-16]
I couldn't find the column "File/Folder Comments" at the beginning and failed to install the "HobComment XP Shell Extension v1.8 beta". The system showed the information kind of "load library xxx failed".
Then I used the software "dependency walker" to check DLLs that I need to install properly first.
And that successful information showed up.It is very convenience for me as a non-native English user. Many softwares I use are only forced to create or insert file/folders in a English name and path.
Now I can add my own comments into files/folders to markdown useful information.
Thank you so much!

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Title: Serious problem [2020-12-31]
Hello, the program works only onto NTFS discs, and absolutely no onto FAT32. Proven!
Any work-around 'bout this ?
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